Development Progress

PTR 02.05.001 - Phase 1 Polish

ID Type Summary Status
EL-425 Task Polish - Publish Elderlands Roadmap to Web Done
EL-426 Task Bug Reporting UI - Add Categories to Bug Reporter ToDo
EL-427 Task Bug Reporting UI - Multi Line Editor ToDo
EL-428 Task Polish - Review SFX ToDo
EL-424 Task Polish - Define Elderlands Roadmap Done
EL-429 Task SFX - Tie SFX Defaults to Animation Types ToDo
EL-264 Task Super Secret Work 001 (See Description) ToDo
EL-267 Task Quests - Review Objectives and Dependencies ToDo
EL-263 Bug Quest UI Glitches - some reward UI elements are not properly aligned ToDo
EL-257 Task Game - Class Trainer shops InProgress
EL-296 Bug In Game Bug - Fix up Bag Bar ToDo
EL-299 Bug In Game Bug - Expand bug report text field. ToDo
EL-335 Bug In Game Bug - When hot bar items need to grey out when not in inventory. ToDo
EL-347 Bug In Game Bug - Item tip when moving mouse around play area sometimes doesn't change between items. ToDo
EL-355 Bug In Game Bug - Can drag things from bag when other frames are over top. ToDo
EL-414 Bug Buffs with Infinite duration are being removed instantly Done
EL-430 Bug UI Bug - The UI code does not adjust properly when switching resolutions. InProgress
EL-431 Bug Cannot remove positive buff Done
EL-442 Bug UI - Scrollbar buggy. Done