Development Progress

Countdown to First PTR

ID Type Summary Status
EL-252 Bug Replacing Action Timer system with internal Spell system timing. Done
EL-246 Bug Cast Bar Not showing up Done
EL-247 Bug SFX on effects (missile, hit, casting) not implemented ToDo
EL-248 Bug Spell Cooldowns acting strange. InProgress
EL-249 Bug Spell Hit is going through Melee hit function ToDo
EL-250 Bug Spells - Cooldown after Missile Launch doesn't seem to work. Done
EL-240 Bug Bug - Tune npc damage ToDo
EL-241 Bug Client - Tooltips not working properly InProgress
EL-242 Bug Character Panel - Not showing all stats ToDo
EL-243 Bug Character Panel - Show damage ToDo
EL-90 Bug UI - Scrollbar Thumb does not work ToDo
EL-91 Bug UI - Scrollbar buttons only scroll one pixel at a time ToDo
EL-251 Bug Loot is not dropping from spawned Npcs. ToDo